Who We Are

Our Mission:

“To revolutionize the shipping industry and provide Next Generation shipping solutions by manufacturing a high-quality, environmentally responsible pallet for our customers.”

WC Pallets is the exclusive manufacturer in the Midwest using proprietary Intraloque® technology. Our state-of-the-art 25,000 sf manufacturing facility along Interstate 94 in Hudson, Wisconsin distributes pallets throughout the Midwest, including the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro area, all of Wisconsin, and Chicago. We take great pride in taking care or our customers. 

Our Values:

Dedicated to Producing an Exceptional Product

WCP is dedicated to producing a pallet that has the best combination of strength, weight, safety, and recyclability in the shipping industry and provides great value for our customers. We are committed to developing new ways to increase and improve sustainability, energy efficiency, and source reduction in the production of pallets while continuing to provide high quality sustainable “Green” pallets for our customers.

Customer Focused

WCP’s focus on customer relations assures that every customer will feel like our only customer. We address all inquiries promptly and in a friendly professional manner. Our top of the line computer system and staff is your assurance of our efficient management of your order and prompt responses to any inquiries.

Environmentally Responsible

WCP is committed to the preservation of natural resources. We ensure that the paper used in manufacturing our pallets is acquired from responsibly managed and renewable sources. All mills which we purchase corrugated paper from are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) sourcing standard.

In addition to the inherent green attributes of our corrugated pallet, our pallets are designed to be of the highest quality and strength while using as little material as possible. In our daily operations, being a sustainable company is a top priority, from creating less waste, using less energy and recycling.




No compromise.

WC Pallets produces the only corrugated pallet on the market that blends the best of corrugated pallets and wood pallets. Our pallets actually look and handle like traditional wood pallets.



We are committed to preservation.

Paper used in manufacturing our pallets is acquired from certified Sustainable Forestry Initiative® sources.







100% recyclable.

WC Pallets are designed to be fully sustainable and 100% recyclable.

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IntraLoque corrugated pallets are manufactured with a process that recycles waste cardboard.

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Our proprietary production process ensures minimal impact on the environment.

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Lighter weight than wood pallets translates to reduced CO2 emissions in transportation.

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