WC Pallets - Advantages


WC Pallets uses propriety INTRALOQUE® technology.  Our pallets save you money on freight and disposal, they have no nails or splinters to injure employees or damage products. Our pallets are extremely mold and bacterial resistant. They are direct replacement for wood pallets, and can be exchanged in your supply-chain for wood pallets without equipment or handling changes.


Better Value

Because of its ability to use recycled corrugated materials, WC Pallets is able to price its pallets competitively with new wood pallets. Our pallets are considerably stronger than alternative corrugated pallets, and cost substantially less than most plastic or metal pallets.

Reduced Shipping Cost

The lighter weight of our pallets translates to reduced shipping cost. For example, the EPA has estimated that simply reducing 3,000 lbs from a heavy truck could save up to 500 gallons of fuel a year.

Reduced Workplace Injuries

Our pallets reduce the risk of costly workplace injuries. They are lighter and easier to handle for your employees and don’t expose your employees to safety hazards such as exposed nails, splinters, or sharp edges. They are also extremely mold and bacterial resistant. 

Reduced Disposal Charges

Wood and plastic pallets are notoriously difficult to dispose of. Our pallets are made from 100% recyclable materials. At the end of their useful lives, they can be sold to a recycler. 

Direct Wood Pallet Replacement

Switching to WC Pallets does not require any changes to your internal processes or equipment.

No Assembly or Training Required

Our pallets come ready to use and do not require assembly by your employees. Other corrugated pallet alternatives require assembly. 

No New Equipment Needed

No machinery to purchase unlike many other corrugated pallets.


Our pallets are exempt from USDA ISPM-15 phytosanitary export regulations. As a result, our pallets can be shipped internationally without additional costs or documentation. This makes them the best alternative to wood pallets for international shipping.

Note: The USDA ISPM-15 regulations require that all wood pallets must be either fumigated or heat-treated by a USDA certified facility before crossing international borders. This means you will need a certificate for every shipment on a wood pallet.  If the pallets are not properly certified or simply not properly identified, your entire shipment will be rejected and returned to the port of origin.


Engineered for a wide variety of markets.

WC Pallets provides material handling solutions for a wide variety of industrial, consumer, and shipping markets, such as the food, clothing, electronics, chemical, packaging, pharmaceutical, and export markets.




Switching to WC Pallets is easy.

Our pallets do not require costly changes to your internal processes or equipment.




Ship internationally.

Unlike wooden pallets, our pallets can be exported without additional costs or documentation.




Business Benefits

Direct replacement.

Switching to our pallets does not require costly changes to your equipment.


Business Benefits

Save on freight cost.

Lighter weight than wood pallets translates to reduced ground and air transportation costs.

Business Benefits

Improved safety.

Corrugated pallets reduce the risk of injury (no splinters, nails or sharp edges).

Business Benefits


Our pallets are exempt from ISPM 15 regulations that require treatment of wooden pallets.