WC Pallets - Advantages

A Sustainable Process.

Innovative companies are looking for “green” solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. The current wood, plastic, and traditional corrugated pallet options all lack true sustainability:

  • Over 350 million trees are destroyed every year solely for the manufacture of wood pallets.
  • Plastic pallets are made from non-renewable resources (oil and natural gas), and require substantially more energy to manufacture, and are very difficult to recycle.
  • Traditional corrugated pallets require new corrugated for their construction. 

WC Pallets manufactures pallets with substantial environmental benefits over other pallet types, including wood, plastic, and traditional corrugated alternatives.  Using the propriety INTRALOQUE® technology, we utilize post-consumer and post-industrial corrugated cardboard, and pre-stress and tension-bond the corrugated with a water-based adhesive in heavy kraft paper. The sustainable design and INTRALOQUE® engineering used by WC Pallets is revolutionary, and makes our pallets greenest pallets available in the industry.

What does this mean?


Our pallets will reduce pollution and minimize waste. Our proprietary production process solves the environmental problems caused by wood or plastic pallets, and ensures minimal impact on the environment.

Conserving Natural Resources

Our pallets are made exclusively from reused and repurposed corrugated cardboard. Our technology recycles old corrugated containers (OCC) into pallets, which is unlike any other corrugated pallet on the market. WC Pallet’s proprietary manufacturing process has no harmful impact on the environment and will save millions of trees each year. 

Reduced Emissions

Our lighter pallet weight translates to reduced CO2 emissions in ground and air transportation.

Easy Disposal

100% recyclable means easy pallet disposal.

Clean & Safe

Corrugate pallets are a cleaner, safer alternative since they do not contain contaminants, insects and bacteria found in wood pallets.


WC Pallets save trees.

Our manufacturing process will save 50 trees for every truckload of our pallets vs. standard wood pallets.




Think green.

WC Pallets is reusing post-consumer corrugated cardboard to make them the “greenest” corrugated pallet available today.




Environmental Benefits

100% recyclable.

WC Pallets are designed to be fully sustainable and 100% recyclable.


Environmental Benefits


Our proprietary production process ensures minimal impact on the environment.

Environmental Benefits


Lighter weight than wood pallets translates to reduced CO2 emissions in transportation.

Environmental Benefits


IntraLoque corrugated pallets are manufactured with a process that recycles waste cardboard.