WC Pallets - The Next Generation Pallet

The most technologically engineered shipping pallet available today.

WC Pallets manufactures and sells GMA-Type, 48″x40,” 4-Way corrugated pallets using proprietary Intraloque® technology. Using pre-stressed and tension-bonded corrugated boards, WC Pallets blends the best of the recyclability and light weight of corrugated pallets with the strength and durability found in wood pallets.

The WC Pallets GMA-Type, 48”x40,” Stringer-style, 4-Way Corrugated Pallet

Our pallets include the following features, unique to our corrugated pallets. No other corrugated pallet provides this level of usability:


Our GMA-Style pallet designs looks and function like a standard wood pallet, without the drawbacks of wood pallets.  Our pallets have been tested by an ASTM Certified laboratory to ASTM-1185 Standard Test Methods for Pallets.


  • 10,000 lbs static load-bearing capacity
  • 2,000 lbs dynamic (fork-lift) load-bearing capacity


Water Resistant Wrapper and Coating: WC Pallets are made to withstand water, oil and grease in a wide variety of environments, inside and out.


30 lbs. average pallet weight: WC Pallets are 25-40% lighter than comparable wood pallets.

Resistant to Mold & Bacteria

The materials used by WC Pallets in our production are extremely dry in comparison to wood pallets, making our pallets extremely mold and bacteria resistant. This significantly reduces the risks to employees and products from exposure to mold and bacteria contamination.

Useable Design & Direct Replacement of Wood Pallets

  • No training required: Similar in structure and form to standard wood pallets, no additional training required for fork lift operators.
  • No Assembly required: Ready to use immediately, with no machines or assembly required.
  • Rackable and Conveyor Ready: Usable on a 40” open rack with up to a racking load up to 2,000 lbs., and conveyor loads up to 3,000 lbs.




Our pallets are conveyor-friendly and have been successfully used with up to 3,000 lbs loads.





Ready for Warehouse Racking

Our pallets are storage rack friendly up to 1,500 lbs for storage racks with up to 40 inch stringers.




Pallet Features


Our proprietary production process ensures minimal impact on the environment.

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Pallet Features


Lighter weight than wood pallets translates to reduced CO2 emissions in transportation.

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Pallet Features

Water resistant.

Our corrugated pallets are manufactured to withstand high humidity, rain and water.

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Pallet Features

Improved safety.

Our pallets reduce the risk of injury (no splinters, nails or sharp edges) vs. wood pallets.

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