WC Pallets uses IntraLoque Technology

The worlds most technically engineered pallet.

WC Pallets utilizes proprietary, multiple-step processes developed by IntraLoque Paper Technologies to manufacture the strongest, most durable corrugated pallet available today by reusing post-consumer corrugated cardboard to make them the “Greenest” corrugated pallet available today.



The “Next Generation” of Corrugated Pallet.

WC Pallets has partnered with IntraLoque Licensing Group to be the exclusive manufacturer of “The Next Generation Pallets” in the upper Midwest. IntraLoque began with the mission to revolutionize the pallet industry. Existing corrugated pallets were weak, disintegrated when wet and didn’t work with companies’ existing infrastructures (i.e. lifts, conveyors, storage systems, etc.).  Thus, these early corrugated pallets couldn’t compete with the wood or plastic pallets. With recent research and development, IntraLoque developed revolutionary corrugated pallet and manufacturing processes. The resulting pallet has the strength and durability to compete with wood and plastic pallets while retaining all of the benefits of corrugated pallets. 

WC Pallets are not only direct (1:1) replacements for wood pallets, they are an improvement over wood pallets. It’s corrugated pallets are lighter, more shock absorbent, “Greener” and reduce your company’s expenses when compared to your current wood pallets. Unlike corrugated pallets, our pallets are strong, waterproof and usable in your company’s existing infrastructure. Our manufacturing processes result in corrugated pallets that actually look and handle like traditional wood pallets. WC Pallets distributes its pallets fully assembled and ready to use, just like your current wood pallets. The transition to our corrugated pallets from your existing wood pallets is seamless.

Built with strength and durability in mind.

The most frequent concerns of those thinking about using corrugated pallets today remain the corrugated pallet’s strength, durability and cost. WC Pallets utilizes post-consumer/industrial corrugated sourced from local recyclers to form the cores of its pallets. The use of post-consumer materials allows the use of more corrugated in our products for added strength while keeping our pallets affordable. WC Pallets wraps these cores with a recycled paper wrapper using a patented process to strengthen the boards and to protect the corrugated core from the elements and ingress of debris and insects. Our wrapping technology allows us to make an extraordinarily strong, durable, clean and Green product for our customers.

Our process uses state of the art materials, machinery and controls to assure a consistent high quality product. Our proprietary machinery is the only manufacturing system on the market today that wraps and bonds the paper wrapper and core to form a pre-stressed board. We engineer the pre-stressing of the boards to maximize the strength of our pallets components, creating an extremely strong, rigid, durable, and lightweight pallet.

The key to the strength of the pallet is the patented pre-stressed corrugated core and wrapper design. The process secures the paper wrapper in tension over a laminated corrugated core, adding rigidity to the boards. This provides significant shear resistance, and bending and crushing become nonexistent. Wrapping the cores also forms a watertight seal. The boards have their ends folded in their final manufacturing step to further sealed from moisture. The boards for the platform and stringers are formed independently using the same process and then pass through a pallet assembly stage. The boards are form-pressed and bonded in the final step of manufacture to form the finished pallets.

Our process also coats the paper with a water-repellant to assure that you have the most water resistant corrugated pallet available today. The waterproof coating is applied during the manufacturing process to form the most water resistant corrugated pallet in the industry. The final result is a corrugated paper pallet that is extremely strong, water resistant, lightweight, and rigid while retaining desirable shock absorbing characteristics. It is the only corrugated pallet in the U.S. using our unique recyclable and environmentally friendly adhesive and coating system.

Easy to recycle.

All of the corrugate, wrapper and adhesives used in our processes are repulpable and environmentally friendly. At the end of our pallet’s usable lifespan, they can simply be resold to a local recycling facility for the value of the corrugated. A recycling facility will typically pay around a $1.10 for a corrugated pallet. This is the reverse of the approximately $0.75 to $1.25 in disposal fees typically associated with disposing wood pallets and adds to your company’s bottom line.



Patent protection through the year 2033.

A patent application covering the machinery for pallet manufacturing will extend patent protection for IntraLoque Pallets worldwide for the next 20 years.






Our pallets are manufactured with a process that recycles and reuses corrugated containers.






Durable cargo platform.

Wrapping the cores of all pallet components forms a watertight seal and prevents moisture from penetrating the ends. Unlike conventional corrugated pallets, IntraLoque pallets maintain their structural integrity even in wet conditions. 






Added value & savings.

Lower freight costs and safer to handle, Our pallets add value and save your company money.

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Proven strength.

Skeptical? Testing shows our pallets are as strong as standard wood pallets.

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100% recyclable.

Our pallets are designed to be fully sustainable and 100% recyclable.

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Our pallets are exempt from ISPM-15 regulations that require treatment of wood pallets.

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